Lacey Spring Elementary PTO
The purpose of the PTO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Lacey Spring Elementary, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement, and to improve the environment and community at Lacey Spring Elementary through volunteer and financial support.

Membership shall be automatically granted to all parents and guardians of Lacey Spring Elementary students, plus all staff at Lacey Spring Elementary School. There are no membership dues. Members have voting privileges, one vote per household.

The PTO Executive Board (officers and school representatives) will meet monthly during the school year on the 1st Thursday of each month. General PTO meetings of all members will coincide with Executive Board meetings in the months of September, January and May. Members will be notified via email and posting on the school Facebook page. Any member in good standing is invited to share ideas and participate in discussions at any PTO meeting (Executive board or general session).


President- Patricia Phillips

Vice President- Michelle Carrier

Secretary- Becky Knighten

Treasurer- Kim Price

Faculty Representative- Katie Landes

Principal- Tammy May